Board Members 2023 – 2024

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Lower Connecticut Valley AAUW

President                                    Deborah DeHertogh
Vice President                           Jeannette Santovasi
Secretary                                    Barbara Dimberg
Treasurer                                    Mary Ann Iadarola
Past President                           Mary Jane Peterson

Program Chairs                         Gloria Gery
                                                       Lucy Duddy

Membership Chairs                 Margie Rice
                                                       Deb Herskowitz

Public Policy/AAUW Funds     Jan Furman
Bylaws Chair*                            Dot Beaulieu

Communications Chair         
                                                      Kristen Owens  (Newsletter/Website)
                                                      Elaine Quayle    Community Liaison

Hospitality Chairs*                  Diane (Dede) Volz
                                                      Marcia Machuga


*Position not in Bylaws.  Standing Committee – Reports to Board as needed

Education & Scholarship Program Board Members    501 (c) (3)

President and Director                      Deborah DeHertogh

Secretary and Director                      Barbara Dimberg

Treasurer and Director                      Linda Frigon

Director for Fundraising                    Penny Hein

Scholarship Directors                        Sue Aberbach
                                                                 Olga Saubermann