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Date:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Place: Essex Public Library
Time:  6:45  PM
Guest Speaker: Dr. John Finn

“Congress shall make no law…..” Those first five words of the First Amendment could not be stronger. They fiercely limit the power of the federal government and affirm the supremacy of individual rights.

Our guest speaker, Dr. John E. Finn, is a professor Emeritus of Government at Wesleyan University. He received a Ph.D. in political science from Princeton University, a J.D. from Georgetown University and a culinary arts degree from the French Culinary Institute. His scholarly research and teaching focuses on constitutional theory, comparative constitutional law, the first amendment, and the legal regulation of terrorism and  political violence. He is the author of three highly regarded and influential books on constitutional law. He will discuss questions that are fundamental to the understanding of the First Amendment: Why do we have a First Amendment and what does it protect? And what is the future of the First Amendment? He will discuss Supreme Court decisions that address what a citizen may say or believe, when and where we may say or practice it, and when we may be silenced or prohibited from expression.