Branch Practices

Policies and Procedures


  1. Fundraising is required for awarding local scholarship(s) and for branch donations to AAUW Funds.
  2. It is mandatory that there are sufficient monies in bank accounts prior to committing to scholarship(s) offerings.
  3. In all branch accounts, assets must be categorized at minimum by checking (operational spending), local scholarship funds, and AAUW Funds.
  4. Endowment Funds
    1. The Helen Sommer Graves Endowment Fund, received in  1999, is maintained by the branch.
    2. The withdrawal of monies from the Graves Endowment Fund is restricted so that at no time shall the principal of said fund fall below $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars).


  1. Guests are allowed at all regular monthly branch meetings.
  2. Guests may attend any interest group gathering once only.
  3. Attendance by guests at special events will be treated on an individual basis as set by the Board.
  4. The branch will allow promotions of AAUW programs or events sponsored by affiliated organizations at branch, state or national levels.  No other promotions by members are acceptable.
  5. Personal information listed in the branch membership directory is proprietary and is not to be used by members for commercial or non-AAUW purposes.
  6. The by-laws committee will present policies/procedures to the branch board for its consideration and adoption.  The board will notify the general membership of the policies as approved for implementation.